CEM 2020 - Exhibitor - Apex Instruments

Apex Instruments is the world’s leading manufacturer of Isokinetic and mercury sorbent trap sampling systems. With 34 years of experience and customers in over 100 countries, Apex Instruments can provide turnkey solutions backed by real world know-how for your isokinetic and mercury source sampling equipment needs. In conjunction with our continued development of industry leading innovations and unique isokinetic equipment designs, Apex Instruments has also spent the last 10 years manufacturing and deploying hundreds of sorbent trap mercury sampling systems in compliance with US EPA Method 30B, US EPA Method 12B and European Standard CEN/TS 17286. With the 2021 European Mercury emission reporting requirements for mercury emissions approaching, Apex Instruments is ready and able to help you with all of your mercury source testing requirements.


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Isokinetic source sampling equipment
Sorbent trap mercury sampling system
Gas conditioners
Flow Measurement systems

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