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CEM 2020 - Airoptic

Company: Airoptic
Stand No:  59
Website: www.airoptic.pl
Country:  Poland
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Company Profile
Airoptic Sp. z o.o. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company located in Poznan, Poland. Airoptic manufactures high performance tunable laser analyzers for industrial process control, emission monitoring as well as safety and security applications. Airoptic provides in-situ, extractive and open path systems analyzer configurations which can be tailored to match specific customer needs.
Thanks to unique in-house sensing technology Airoptic has pioneered in-situ multi-gas detection technology utilizing multiple semiconductor lasers which allowed to overcome limitations of traditional single laser TDL systems.
Products on Display at CEM
We will have the following products on display in our booth
* multispectral in-situ TDL analyzer for simultaneous control of deNOx/deSOx processes
* Tunable laser-based formaldehyde analyzer with sub-ppb detection limit
* Tunable laser-based in-situ H2/O2 analyzer
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