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CEM 2018 - mirsense

Company: mirsense
Stand No:  9
Website: www.mirsense.com
Address: NanoInnov, 8 avenue de la Vauve
Country:  France
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Company Profile
mirSense is a world leader in mid-IR Quantum Cascade lasers (QCL) development and manufacturing. Our latest product is a a very compact QCL based gas analyzer module based on photoacoustics. Our patented technology is a game changer because it can measure in real time and in very small quantities pollutants and industrial process gas components: NO, NO2, N2O, formaldehyde, ammonia, CO2, methane.. We also manufacture multi-watt level QCL lasers for military countermeasure and spectroscopy DFB-QCL
Products on Display at CEM
MirSense's product on display is multiSense, a very compact gas analyzer based on the technology of quantum cascade lasers. Thanks to this advanced quantum cascade laser technology, our multiSense analyzer makes it possible, for example, to determine the presence of a single carbon monoxide molecule among millions using a simple mobile phone microphone. This is possible thanks to a real-time signal processing performed by embedded electronics based on a compact and efficient FPGA architecture. Concretely, we managed to miniaturize a bay of analysis in this module which holds in the hand and which is inserted in fixed or portable equipments. We started deliveries to major manufacturers in the fields of automotive, industrial processes and metrology. MirSense's multiSense gas analyzer is fast, compact, very specific and has high performance, similiar to traditional FTIR techniques. We are able to measure NO for example without interference from water or CO2.