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CEM 2018 - Tekran Instruments

Company: Tekran Instruments
Stand No:  54
Website: www.tekran.com
Country:  United States
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Company Profile

Tekran is the world's leading manufacturer of advanced systems for laboratory, ambient air, petroleum, point-source mercury monitoring, and methyl mercury analysis. With pioneering expertise in cold vapor atomic fluorescence detection, Tekran continues to expand and refine products for measurement of ultra-trace mercury levels.

Having pioneered Automated Continuous Emissions Mercury Monitoring Systems (HgCEMS) in the early 2000's, Tekran currently has over 250 HgCEM Systems installed around the world in research, process monitoring and compliance applications. Industrial applications include coal-fired power plants, cement process, steel plants, and incineration. Additionally, suppliers of mercury control and abatement systems have routinely chosen Tekran as their supplier of choice for product development, research and optimization.
Products on Display at CEM
3300Xi HgCEM System - Schematics, Posters