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CEM 2018 - Protea

Company: Protea
Stand No:  62
Website: www.protea.ltd.uk
Address: 10 Prosperity Court
Midpoint 18, Middlewich
CW10 0GD
Country:  United Kingdom
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Company Profile
Through the commercialisation and deployment of new technologies, Protea Ltd delivers customer-focused solutions for process, emission and environmental monitoring needs. With an in-depth knowledge of measurement technologies, system integration and turn-key system engineering and software optimisation; Protea can provide the solution to process and emissions control. From the latest multigas FTIR analysers, to robust, proven in-situ CEMS, Protea manufactures a complete suite of analysers that can measure almost any gas. Added to that full sample conditioning equipment and CEM reporting software, Protea can deliver for all industrial gas analysis needs.
Products on Display at CEM
  • P2000 In-situ CEM
  • atmosFIR CEM FTIR multigas analyser
  • atmosFIRt portable FTIR gas analyser
  • FTIR analysis software
  • CEM Reporting software
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