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CEM 2018 - Elvatech Ltd

Company: Elvatech Ltd
Stand No:  20
Website: www.elvatech.com
Address: 50 Mashynobudivna str.
Country:  Ukraine
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Company Profile
Elvatech Ltd. has been developing and producing high-performance x-ray fluorescence analyzers for environmental analysis since its foundation in 1991. Our team's work resulted in creation of a range of XRF analyzers in different form factors: benchtop, handheld and portable. In 1999 we released the world’s first series Si-PIN based benchtop XRF spectrometer ElvaX, and in 2010 filled the ranks of a few companies producing handheld XRF analyzers by releasing ElvaX ProSpector. In 2016, Elvatech Ltd. created autonomous Continuous Particulate Matter XRF Analyzer ElvaX PmX-5050 intended for online elemental analysis of particales 2.5 μm and 10 μm in diameter. ElvaX PmX-5050 offers high-precision analysis for a wide range of elements as per US EPA IO-3.3
Products on Display at CEM
Continuous Particulate Matter EDXRF Analyzer ElvaX PmX-5050
ElvaX ProSpector Handheld XRF Analyzer
ElvaX Benchtop EDXRF Analyzer
ElvaX Mobile Portable EDXRF Analyzer