CEM 2021

CEM 2018 - Durag Group

Company: Durag Group
Stand No:  53
Website: www.durag.com
Address: Kollaustrasse 105
Country:  Germany
Represented Companies on this stand DURAG, DURAG data systems, DURAG SIENA, Hegwein, Smitsvonk, GRIMM
Company Profile
DURAG GROUP - a worldwide operating group of companies and one of the market leaders for intelligent solutions for Combustion Technology, Environmental Monitoring, Data Management and Tunnel Sensors.
Wholly-owned subsidiaries: Brazil, China, France, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Russia, UK, USA. All other countries: local partner companies.


Environmental Monitoring: Dust Monitors; Gas Flow Monitors; Mercury Analyzers; Ambient Air Dust Monitor; Environmental Data Acquisition System; Tunnel Sensors (Visibility, Air Flow & Direction)

Combustion Technology: High Energy Spark Igniters; Gas & Oil fired Ignitors; Gas Burners; Flare Igniters; Optical & Ionization Flame Scanners; Burner Controls; Cement Kiln & Cooler Cameras / Thermography / Free Lime Prognosis; Furnace Cameras / Flame Viewing Cameras & Thermographic Flame Analysis
Products on Display at CEM
With several hundred installations worldwide the total mercury analyzer HM-1400 TRX is unmatched in industrial applications for compliance or process measurement. It is QAL1 certified and suitability tested according to EN 15267. Due to its simplified advanced design, the HM-1400 TRX results in reduced first costs and minimized on-going maintenance.

Governments around the world have implemented or are working on stricter emissions regulations to measure and control the level of emissions by industrial processes. The D-EMS 2020 emission and process data management system supports plant operators in monitoring the mandatory limit values and records their compliance to emission regulations. The modular system is suitable for any plant size; its software is available in 19 languages.

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