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CEM 2018 - Atmosfir Optics Ltd

Company: Atmosfir Optics Ltd
Stand No:  7
Website: www.atmosfir.net
Address: Maale Hahamisha
Maale Hahamisha
Country:  Israel
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Company Profile
Atmosfir Optics is a world leader and provides the most advanced Real Time system, the D-fencelineTM , for analyzing air pollutants using remote sensing technology along the fence lines. Based on O.P.FTIR with a focus on open air emission measurement the system provides accurate, Real Time analysis with a significant increase of a detection sensitivity and an online , cloud based UI to watch and control the processes. Based on recent experience it has been proved that the system can be implemented successfully in large closed spaces as well.
Products on Display at CEM
The D-fencelineTM The revolutionary technology is installed along the fence-lines and is designed with a proprietary algorithms , patented methods and a unique set of quality controls to provide a reliable and accurate analysis with a significant increase of a detection sensitivity. Meteorological data is taken into account in order to draw a clear picture of the pollutant magnitude and its origin. Dozens of compounds can be detected simultaneously, quantified and located by the system in an unprecedented detection limit, all in Real Time with alerting mechanism.
The system had been designed to comply with the new legislation and it includes special features in order to help understand the air quality picture, to minimize risks due to dangerous emissions, to reduce the probability of violation of the regulation and also reduce expensive downtime of operation.