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CEM 2018 - AP2E

Company: AP2E
Stand No:  35
Website: www.ap2e.com
Address: 240 rue Louis de Broglie, Les Méridiens Bât. A - CS90537
Country:  France
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Company Profile
AP2E is a manufacturer of industrial gas analyzers.
We design, produce, integrate systems for online gas analysis.
AP2E solutions are divided in 2 product ranges: LaserCEM®, for emission control; and ProCeas®, for process control and ambient air monitoring.

Example of gas applications: most gases are measurable from ppb to 100%
Diatomic : H2, O2
Nitrogen : NH3, NO, N2O, NO2, HCN
Sulfur : H2S, COS, CS2
Oxides : SO2, SO3, CO, CO2, H2O
Halogenides : HF, HBr, HCl
Aldehydes : CH2O, C2H4O
Hydrocarbons : CH4, C2H2, C2H4, C2H6
Freon: R134a

Industrial sectors concerned: process optimization, environmental control and research, industrial safety, air quality, quality control of industrial gases, etc.

We operate in the following contexts: regulatory constraints, process monitoring (chemical, combustion, manufacturing, etc.), room monitoring (formaldehyde, CO), emission monitoring, deNOx catalytic reduction, gas purity (H2, methane), trace gases.

We also provide: system integration (cabinets, shelters), training of users, onsite commissioning and installation, maintenance in workshop or onsite.

Our analyzers are located in: Europe, Americas, Africa, Asia, Oceania. AP2E is a global player in gas analysis solutions with more than 450 multigas analyzers installed.
We rely on a worldwide distribution network.
Products on Display at CEM
LaserCEM - Advanced Continuous Emission Monitoring Analyser - complies CEM EN 15267-3

The LaserCEM is a complete pre-calibrated multi-component (NO, NO2, SO2, CO, HCl, CO2, H2O, H2S, NH3, N2O, COS, SO3, CH4, HF, HCHO, etc.) laser infrared spectrometer for CEM's analysis. It is used for regulatory control of emissions for: incinerators, refineries, power plants, etc.

This analyser uses the OFCEAS technology, based on extractive absorption spectroscopy. This laser based technology is able to measure gases from % to ppb concentration ranges, with an unforeseen quality of measurement in terms of accuracy and resolution.

The LaserCEM samples the gas at low pressure. This dilution reduces the particles content and the dew point in the sampling line. With LaserCEM filters replacement is drastically reduced and heating of 180°c is avoided.

Finally, LaserCEM has an integrated auto calibration of the measurement system, preventing from drift under normal use of the instrument. Therefore LaserCEM is able to analyze all kind of gases and concentration ranges, with limited services and maintenance costs.

LaserCem Key features
  • Highly sensitive - Low detection level (ppb)
  • Highly selective - no cross interferences
  • Traced line - 40°C
  • Complete pre-calibrated laser infra-red spectrometer
  • No Zero drift and no Span drift - No daily calibration required
  • No nitrogen, zero air, purge or other carrier gas
  • Ppb to % measurement
  • Multigas analyser (NO, SO2, CO, HCl, CO2, NH3, H2O, O2, CO2, NO2, HF, and more)