CEM - Abstract

Abstract Title: What is today’s BAT of isokinetic source sampling
Presenter Name: Prof Tamás Zoltán Sándor
Company/Organisation: STAZOTECH
Country: Hungary

Abstract Information :

What is today’s BAT of isokinetic source sampling What is today's perfect isokinetic sampling device like? Well, a device and software of such complexity is never ready, due to the fact that both its components and related technology are constantly evolving. Meeting the requirements outlined in the relevant regulations, along with specific tasks makes laboratories and sampling teams constantly having to develop. I would now like to introduce the result of decades' work of measuring. I myself have operated several automatic and manual devices of cutting-edge technology in this rather special field. Having the source code has enabled to modify certain features - it was only a question of time to find the way. It has taken years to keep up with current standards and special demands from customers while finding a solution to the discovered errors at the same time. It is impossible to know all the devices in this family in details. I constantly researched about the devices that I have not had the chance to work with. I first came across DUSTMEAS.EXE programme, now developed by me, at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics Faculty of Analytic Chemistry back in 2003. It was crucial to meet the requirements of the current standards and the opportunity to take it further based on my experience during use was guaranteed. Working in the environmental field, it is important to mention that this produces less waste when used with parts of certain older technology, not to mention its lower price. In case of a fault or technical problem, every single element of the modular system can be easily replaced or extended. I only use hardware elements that work well and have a long life span. The features of the software can also easily be activated or switched off. The system provides constant leak control, real time HORIBA PG250/PG350 gas analyzer data connection and constant MS Excel data acquisition that can be checked during sample taking. The data, formulas, calculations can easily be followed and are easy to find relationships, patterns between them when necessary. Its validation report function makes validation of calculations much easier. What is more, it is easy to start measuring at places that have former data input (location of measurement, chimney geometry, water content). It also lets its users launch comfortable and time-efficient forthcoming measuring sessions.