CEM - Abstract

Abstract Title: The dual use of the TDL technology in process and emission monitoring
Presenter Name: Mr Jerome Lefrancois
Co-authors:Mr Sam Thorneycroft
Company/Organisation: ENVEA
Country: France

Abstract Information :

One of the use is traditional emission monitoring, the other is monitoring with the process. 1 – Monitoring using the TDL due to an incredibly low emission limit Value (ELV). Traditional CEMS could not reach the lower limit of detection (LLOD) required, this could only be done with periodic monitoring. 2 - With BREF reducing ELV’s, sites have two options for compliance. Reducing their capacity or optimization of the abatement plant. Accurate measurement of the “raw gas” allows site to optimize the HCl/SO2 abatement, therefore reduce their lime consumption. Through 2 specific case studies we intend to demonstrate the benefits of the use of TDLS technology for ultra-low NH3 concentration measurement (far behind the standard compliance requirement) and for cost effective, fast, and performant HCl & SO2 abatement control in EFW applications. One major site in Ireland and one important player in the EFW on 2 different sites in UK, are the Companies that trusted ENVEA for offering those challenging solutions based on our In-Situ TDLS analyzer, model LAS 5000XD. We will address in detail: - The customer painful points. - The challenges linked to those points. - The constraints - The offered solution - The results and return of experience. - The benefits for customers We will also take this opportunity to present the unique features of our analysis solution, as the Clear Path functionality.