CEM - Abstract

Abstract Title: The Use of Spiking for Compliance Testing in the US
Presenter Name: Mr Robert Baxter
Company/Organisation: B3 Systems, Inc.
Country: United States

Abstract Information :

Many US regulations, especially in hazardous waste combustion, requires periodic testing and documentation of organic destruction and removal efficiency (DRE) as well has the system removal efficiency (SRE) for metals. Since the waste streams rarely has enough of the needed components at high enough concentrations, the key elements are "spiked" into the waste stream during testing to artificially and temporarily increase the concentrations needed for testing. B3 Systems was the first company to offer "spiking" as a commercial service in 1992. We have worked to push the quality assurance and quality control of the equipment and systems in an effort to increase the accuracy of the data. Even tough we do not directly measure any emissions, our spiking services are key to many US compliance testing programs. It is our understanding that “spiking” has been used in the European market for specific needs and/or applications but may not be widely used on a regular basis. This presentation will cover some of the many different types of test programs we have participated in over the last 30+ years as well as a summary of the types of materials we have "spiked" and the types of programs that utilize spiking. The presentation will also show how COVID has affected compliance testing and the scheduling of compliance testing. Acquiring the spiking materials, and other testing supplies, has become more difficult with much longer lead times.