CEM - Abstract

Abstract Title: Site Level Optical Gas Imaging Based Continuous Emission Monitoring
Presenter Name: Dr Ram Hashmonay
Company/Organisation: Opgal Optronics Industries
Country: Israel

Abstract Information :

Current continuous emission monitoring using optical gas imaging (OGI) technology faces several inherent challenges. Passive OGI technology is very sensitive to environmental and scene conditions and therefore detection sensitivity and quantification capability and accuracy are strongly dependent on distance, absolute humidity, visibility (particulate matter load), sun angle, sky clous coverage, and scene background temperatures. Further, when human eye and brain is out of the loop of decision making, the traditional continuous OGI monitoring system is prone to generating false alarms, e.g. wrongly respond to dust and steam plumes. After experiencing these challenges when installing our first-generation continuous monitoring system, Opgal has redesigned the system’s hardware and overall approach to address all issues of false alerts and strong dependence to environmental and scene conditions. Our new system uses the OGI double spectral band camera both as an open path technology to accurately quantify along the boundaries of the monitored site, and as an OGI camera for pinpointing the emission source location. This presentation describes in detail our current system’s hardware addition and modification and discusses the advantages of our superior approach for achieving the objectives of site level emission continuous monitoring.