CEM - Abstract

Abstract Title: Results from the Methane Emissions from Anaerobic Digestion (MEAD) project
Presenter Name: Mr Jacob
Company/Organisation: National Physical Laboratory
Country: United Kingdom

Abstract Information :

The primary purpose of the MEAD project was to help understand the potential sources of methane emissions from the various functional elements (FEs) of an anaerobic digestion (AD) sites and therefore to highlight which stages, processes and FEs should be prioritised for emission reduction. As part of this work both short-term techniques (differential absorption lidar and tracer correlation) and long-term techniques (fugitive emission detection system) were utilised. In this study emissions of 4% to 22% of the total CH4 produced on site are to be expected. These estimations of the methane emissions are significantly higher than previously understood by UK government, where the emissions were assumed to be between 0.05% and 2.5%.