CEM 2020

CEM 2018 - Abstract

Abstract Title: Real-time reconciliation of the location and causes behind exhaust emissions from a Euro 6 PHEV during real world on-road driving
Abstract Type: Seminar
Session Choice: Emission regulation and future monitoring challenges
Presenter Name: Mr Harry Bradley
Company/Organisation: Cambustion Ltd
Country: United Kingdom

Abstract Information :

Transient exhaust emissions from a new Euro 6 PHEV gasoline passenger vehicle have been assessed using real-time emissions analysers to reveal real-world driving "spikes" provoked by traffic congestion, traffic signals, junctions and speed calming measures. The use of two-channel analysers allows for the measurement of both pre-catalyst and the final exhaust emissions, which are recorded alongside ECU CAN data from the vehicle's OBD port. Using this technique, the causes of the transient emissions can be derived (for example where sustained lean engine combustion causes NOx breakthrough to the tailpipe), and their location accurately determined using high resolution GPS. Using this novel technique, the location and causes behind the exhaust emissions can be accurately reconciled with obvious benefits to air quality scientists and city planners alike.