CEM - Abstract

Abstract Title: Rapid Emission Profile Verification of Generators Under Load
Presenter Name: Mr Matthew Berry
Company/Organisation: 3DATX Europe
Country: Belgium

Abstract Information :

Actions to limit anthropogenic climate change must include all sources of emissions. Generators are an important source, where approximately 10 billion kilowatts of power capacity are installed annually, more than 50 million generators of all sizes.

The world’s largest “fleets” of generators are installed in developing nations, where unreliable electrical grids make generators critical to maintain power supply for residential, commercial, and emergency services, with as many as one installation for every 4 to 5 persons.

But lack of emissions standards coupled with limited economic capacity in developing nations means that generators are older, poorly maintained, and subject to tampering. And operated with poor quality fuels, such as high sulphur content marine bunker fuel. The resulting emissions are hundreds of times worse than those of modern vehicles with severe impact on sensitive cohorts like children and people with asthma.

Today, developing regions must implement annual verification of emissions performance of millions of generator installations of diverse size, age, and manufacture.

3DATX has developed a 5-minute mobile procedure where a single technician can measure generator installations under load: (1) Load point determination; (2) Gas and particulate emissions measurement with an integrated Portable Emission Measurement System (iPEMS); (3) Calculation of generator mass emissions profile for pass/fail determination according to regional emissions standards.

The acquired database enables access to Carbon Offset Programmes: (1) First annual “fleet” verification establishes a regional emissions baseline; (2) Each subsequent annual “fleet” verification creates measured and verified Carbon Reduction.