CEM - Abstract

Abstract Title: Precise reporting of fossil CO2 emissions from Waste to Energy plants with FCTS
Presenter Name: Prof Johann Fellner
Co-authors:Dr Gerhard Kahr
Dr Sabine Dworak
Company/Organisation: VIRWa GmbH (Vienna Institute for Resources and Waste)
Country: Austria

Abstract Information :

Fossil Carbon Tracking System (FCTS) is a newly developed combination of EN 13833 with ISO 18466:2016 to measure the fossil CO2 emissions from Waste-to-Energy (WtE) plants. It combines the PmCTrace® instrument (Radiocarbon Method) with selected Material and Energy Balances of the WtE plant. As an outcome, the share of fossil/biogenic CO2 (in %), as well as the quantity of fossil CO2 (tons/year), are measured with an uncertainty below 2.5%, as required by law. FCTS hence represents an accurate way to reduce carbon tax in comparison of using default emission factors. In the frame of the presentation the results of applying FCTS to two WtE plants in Germany are shown.