CEM - Abstract

Abstract Title: Performance Testing on Automated Measuring System, reference to DIN EN 14181 standard to develop a Sustainability Quality of AMS for operator.
Presenter Name: Dr Pritesh M Shah
Company/Organisation: PRIMA EQUIPMENT
Country: India

Abstract Information :

A practice of performance testing on the Automated Measuring System in reference to standard & developing a sustainability quality of automated measuring system for the operator. In the current scenario, with the increase in Industries, Emission pollution is also increasing. To reduce pollution various corrective measures have been taken by national & international regulations. Corrective action such as Standards for Quality Assurance Levels, Limit of Detections, Defining % of Emission limit value @95% confidence intervals, and many more. To reduce the emissions of various types of Air Pollution Controlling Device implementation. For accurate measurement of release emission components, an Automated Measuring system is used. An automated Measuring system (AMS) is also known as a Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS). This presentation will discuss the Quality of an Automated Measuring system for stationary source emission. For assuring the quality & sustainability of AMS/CEMS, performance testing is required in reference to various drafted standards such as EN 14181, EN 15267-3, EN 15259, EN 13284-1, and EN 13284-2. Performance test with the acceptance criteria is defined in standards. EN 14181 contains QAL-1, QAL-2, QAL-3 & AST. EN 15267-3 contains Performance criteria and test procedures (laboratory test & field test) for automated measuring systems for monitoring emissions from stationary sources. In this presentation, will be discussing - Various drafted standards for assuring the Quality performance of AMS - Importance of Performance tests for manufacturers & Operators - Available facilities for conducting performance testing - Parameters/equipment to be considered for testing Keywords: Automated Measuring system, Continuous Emission Monitoring System, Quality Assurance Level, Sustainability, Emission Limit Value, EN 14181, EN 15267-3, Performance testing, Quality, standard. Abbreviation: Automated Measuring system (AMS); Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS); Quality Assurance Level (QAL).