CEM 2021

CEM - Abstract

Abstract Title: Optimize industrial processes with quantum cascade laser technology
Abstract Type: Oral
Session Choice: Industrial Case Studies
Presenter Name: Mr Emmanuel Thierry
Company/Organisation: Emerson Automation Solutions
Country: Switzerland

Abstract Information :

Controlling SCR efficiency (NO, NOx) & ammonia slip (NH3) or cement kiln with 1 analyzer is finally possible with Quantum Cascade Technology. Emerson has developed industrial gas analyzers based on this technology to have the capability to measure several gases with 1 unit. QCL technology provides an innovative methodology to continuously monitor emissions. In a QCL analyzers the lasers are rapidly pulsed giving real time and continuous measurements, and the high resolution spectra recorded by the QCLs gives the ability to distinguish between the different components in the exhaust gas. QCLs can target many of the prominent exhaust gases through their mid infrared (IR) spectra, and by bringing near infrared (NIR) tunable diode lasers (TDLs) into the same analyzer the component reach can be extended to include gases such as O2, NOx, NH3, HCl and HF, necessary process control or for waste incineration emissions. This presentation will give an overview of the Emerson products and technologies that are currently using in industrial process control (DeNOx & Cement)