CEM - Abstract

Abstract Title: Online monitoring of PAH emission trends using a PID sensor
Presenter Name: Dr Ole Sigmund Kjos
Co-authors:Dr Thor Aarhaug
Company/Organisation: SINTEF AS
Country: Norway

Abstract Information :

As process industry moves forward with more digitalisation to improve production, online measurement techniques are sought after in order to produce relevant input data. Traditionally analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) in industrial off gas is done by extractive sampling and results from such measurements is not available for days or weeks after sampling was conducted. Thus, it is not possible to tune processes based on these data. By using an online system called SINTSENSE based on a photoionization detector (PID) and a connected microcomputer continuous trends of PAH and VOC from several different emission. Although PID based systems are not able to differentiate between different PAH and VOC species, it is often from a process control perspective most interesting to know the total amount of cyclic hydrocarbons. The trends from the SINTSENSE measurements were compared against reference measurements using both isokinetic extractive sampling and simplified sampling with thermal desorption tubes. In addition the results were related to operational data from the plant. It was found that the PID provided interesting data that agreed with expectations from existing process control data, and it could confirm relationships between operational parameters and changes in emissions.