CEM 2021

CEM - Abstract

Abstract Title: Innovative Air Quality Sampling and Measurement System Assisted by Drone
Abstract Type: Seminar
Session Choice: Innovative Measurement Technology
Presenter Name: Mr Nicolas Turgeon
Co-authors:Mr Jonathan Dupont-Champagne
Mr Patrick Chatelle
Company/Organisation: Centre de recherche industrielle du Québec (CRIQ)
Country: Canada

Abstract Information :

The use of unmanned aircraft system (UAV/UAS or drones) for work or leisure is becoming more widespread. This explains why where Transport Canada and others authorities all over the world have been forced to regulate their use to ensure the safety of the public and airspace. Additionally, the growing challenges related to air quality (odors, GHGs, effect on the health of citizens, mortality rate and environmental protection) led to increasing system and equipment specific requirements, in particular for the characterization and monitoring the air quality.

The Centre de recherche industrielle du Quebec (CRIQ), in collaboration with its partners DroneXperts and the Centre d'expertise en analyse environnementale du Quebec (CEAEQ), have initiated an R&D project allowing to develop, manufacture and test an innovative drone-assisted system for ambient air sampling and the measurement of certain air contaminants on sites that are difficult to access using conventional methods. We can think of some industrial stacks without safe access, tank vents, uncovered reservoir, smoke plumes during accidents or major fires, etc.

This conference will summarize the concept "Drone-Air" developed and its technical features (Metal additive manufacturing - 3D printing) that make it one of the most comprehensive air quality sampling and measurement systems currently available. In addition, some test results in real and controlled conditions will be presented on an industrial site.