CEM - Abstract

Abstract Title: India’s CEM market with overwhelming EU influence and opportunities
Presenter Name: Mr Sanjeev K Kanchan
Company/Organisation: Council on Energy, Environment and Water (CEEW), New Delhi
Country: India

Abstract Information :

Real-time monitoring and reporting system is an important tool towards sustainable industrialization. Following the pioneering countries such as the USA, UK and EU members, India also adopted it in 2014 for highly polluting industries. A move that was waited for long, more so because expanding industrial scale and increasing complicacy of proper environmental regulation. Even since the market is growing continuously. Real-time monitoring, beyond environmental regulation, is also an effective tool for process improvement, optimization and quicker preventive and mitigative action in case of abnormal circumstances. However, it is going to take some more time for Indian industries to adapt the use beyond compliance check. Nevertheless, the growth story so far is astonishing- primarily influenced by the European system and technology- beyond CEM, it includes continuous water and effluent quality monitoring system (CEQMS) and continuous AAQ monitoring system (CAAQMS) making around one-billion-dollar market. Use of process CEM has been long in use in the industries, and 2014 onwards, installations have multiplied many times, especially for the European technologies. India, however, allows both certified CEM and No-certified with performance test (like the USEPA system) for installation in the industries, EU’s well-established QA/QC system for CEM has been widely adopted and used in India, covering over 60% of the market. Flourished with European suppliers, the India CEM market, has also been venturing into the use of CEM for new regulatory mechanisms such as Emission Trading and Performance benchmarking-in the right direction. Since the CEM has still to replace the legal compliance check way, the opportunity for experts, beyond technology supply- including wide range of quality laboratory services, consulting, auditing and capacity building is wide open.