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CEM 2018 - Abstract

Abstract Title: Improving the quality of measurements of stack emissions: - An update on research and standardisation activities in Europe
Abstract Type: Seminar
Session Choice: Standards and Quality
Presenter Name: Mr Rod Robinson
Company/Organisation: National Physical Laboratory
Country: United Kingdom

Abstract Information :

This talk will provide an overview of the methods for Stack emissions monitoring in Europe, describing the suite of standards developed by CEN within Technical Committee 264; the talk will be presented by the chair of TC 264. It will provide an update on recently published standards and the current work programme to develop new standardised methods. This will include recently published methods for FTIR and for the measurement of SO2 by instrumental techniques. The current work to develop new standards will be summarised and a perspective on future standardisation activities will be provided.

A brief summary of the changes in the standard reference methods introduced in the recent round of edits will be given.

The current status of and some of the issues and implications of key new standards such as the Data Handling and Acquisition systems standard will be described in detail.

The talk will also provide a brief update on two research projects currently being undertaken in Europe which are focussed on understanding and improving the performance of emission measurement methods. These are the IMPRESS) and Sulf-Norm projects. The talk will describe the activities in these projects and give some highlights of the outcomes so far. IMPRESS2 includes studies in to the performance of emission measurement methods, particularly in their capabilities to meet new lower emission limits being introduced through the Industrial Emissions Directive and its associated Best Available Technique Reference Documents in Europe. The Sulf-Norm project is investigating the performance of stack sampling systems and in particular the losses that may occur in sample conditioning systems when carrying out SO2 measurements. An update on the work being undertaken in these projects will be given.

This talk will provide delegates with an up to date picture of the current and future developments of methods for emission monitoring and a summary of some leading research in to the performance and uncertainties of emission monitoring techniques.