CEM - Abstract

Abstract Title: Emissions Accuracy at the Heart of Operations Driving Sustainability & Profitability
Presenter Name: Mr Martin Huber
Company/Organisation: Honeywell
Country: United Kingdom

Abstract Information :

Current periodic or top down emissions monitoring are providing only a snapshot of the overall picture. Even science based factors, although far more accurate, are still estimates. With today's technologies how can industry accurately baseline current state and subsequently report progress on sustainability targets when they don’t have visibility of the facts? To significantly contribute towards profitability and sustainability targets methane detectors must be able to provide quick and accurate data from the heart of process operations. By doing so, it is possible to achieve greater visibility of both fugitive and process emissions in near real-time. This in turn drives profitability from reduced emissions, lower carbon taxes and efficiencies through process optimization. This presentation will dive into the benefits of methane detectors operating in the heart of the operations, how emissions detection and trending aligned with the process control system has benefited end-users in oil & gas and Honeywell's own chemical facilities.