CEM 2020

CEM 2018 - Abstract

Abstract Title: Comparing emissions from road, river and sea transport
Abstract Type: Seminar
Session Choice: Emission regulation and future monitoring challenges
Presenter Name: Mrs Anita Bradshaw
Company/Organisation: Green Sea Guard B.V.
Country: Netherlands

Abstract Information :

Green Sea Guard has been involved in marine emissions monitoring on a number of different vessels, using specially adapted monitoring equipment, which entails meeting a number of operational challenges. Firstly we had to "ruggedize" our equipment as the vibration of older engines can be significant. Secondly we had to find a suitable location on the vessel - not always easy - and adjust for any differences that the distance from the engine might introduce. Thirdly we had to guard the main equipment against salt water ingress. Fourthly we had to concern ourselves with the dangers that the emissions themselves posed to our probes as acid residues in particular are difficult to deal with. Fifthly we had to interpret the results, collate with other information and understand how to analyse them.

We were concerned with two aspects: firstly ensuring that each engine monitored was operating as intended, and during the measurements taken to establish this, we were able to diagnose some engine faults. These measurements can create a business case which can support the effort needed for the ship owner to invest in compliance. Secondly, understanding the pattern of emissions themselves posed some initial practical problems, but we were able to calculate whether the vessels were compliant with international regulations. We shall present a study of a number of vessels on the Thames and compare these to the alternative road transport alternatives. We shall also introduce some material from marine studies for comparison.