CEM - Abstract

Abstract Title: Cloud based fleet monitoring, data aggregation in the cloud and cyber security for CEMS
Presenter Name: Mr Henning von Hoersten
Company/Organisation: ABB AG
Country: Germany

Abstract Information :

Multi-cloud connectivity of CEMS enables novel solutions to answer the question, how can we monitor and aggregate emissions data across multiple sites for a single opera-tor – all at the same time and whilst being cyber secure. Multi-cloud connectivity in continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) can in-deed help in monitoring and aggregating emissions data across multiple sites for a sin-gle operator by connecting CEMS in different locations to the cloud. The operator can access real-time emissions data from all their facilities from a single platform. This en-ables them to identify trends and patterns, track progress towards emissions reduction targets, and optimize their operations to minimize their negative impact. Additionally, multi-cloud connectivity can facilitate collaboration between stakeholders and regulato-ry bodies, enabling better transparency and accountability in emissions reporting. The foundation is certified in continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) and certified Data Acquisition and Handling Systems (DAHS). The European Union provides a comprehensive framework that should be known by most of the audience. In this presentation we will therefore focus on three aspects – cloud connectivity, data aggre-gation in the cloud and cyber security. Achieving cloud connectivity follows a structured multi-step process. In the presenta-tion we will detail the different steps of this process and talk about the associated chal-lenges. Over a 24 months period a cloud-based platform for our CEMS products was developed and in the next step further expanded to include multi-cloud connectivity. DAHS’s report emissions data in standardized and certified formats at a process or site level. The next logical step is to collect and combine data from multiple sites at a fleet level with the goal to monitor total carbon footprint and control fleet performance. In a start-up challenge, several possible solutions were evaluated and eventually a winner chosen. Innovation from the outside in is a very different approach with much potential. A comprehensive cyber security concept is a fundamental prerequisite for any such so-lution as this reduces vulnerabilities, minimizes risks of cyber-attacks, and protects da-ta integrity. A multipronged approach was applied to accomplish these goals as part of the development process. An outline of possible cyber security measures will be provid-ed as part of this presentation. Preparing technologies for multi-cloud-based reporting mechanism is essential for regulators and operators alike. To be able to view emission data across a geography or fleet will enable smarter optimization and greater transparency.