CEM - Abstract

Abstract Title: Case Study: Improving data availability and enhancing process optimization with PEMS in a Combined Cycle Power Plant
Presenter Name: Mr Serge Bays
Company/Organisation: Limesoft Inc.
Country: Canada

Abstract Information :

This paper presents a case study from a combined cycle power plant, emphasizing the application of PEMS in predicting gas turbine emissions. A notable advantage of PEMS is its capability to substitute missing or invalid data, thereby ensuring continuous and reliable data streams. Drawing from historical data on dependent fuel and independent NOx emissions, the study details the development and validation of a PEMS model rooted in multiple regression analysis. By leveraging significant parameters like oxygen, temperature, and fuel flow, the model offers real-time emission estimates, bridging data gaps and enhancing overall data integrity. The accuracy of the PEMS model is benchmarked against actual NOx values from CEMS gas analyzers and verified as per the US EPA 40CFR 60 PS 16 requirements. By ensuring uninterrupted data availability, PEMS not only facilitates improved process optimization but also bolsters regulatory compliance, positioning it as an useful tool in modern industrial emissions monitoring.