CEM - Abstract

Abstract Title: Calibration and test applicability of HCl vapor from gas generator to CEMs
Presenter Name: Mr Seung Won Lee
Co-authors:Mr Jin Hong Park
Company/Organisation: Korea Testing Laboratory
Country: Korea, South

Abstract Information :

It is primary goal of Continuous Emission Measuring System (CEMs) to measure pollutant of flue gas accurately. Factors which have an effect on accuracy of measurement or analysis should be minimized. In that sense, calibration with standard material is the most important step to assure data reliability and should be quick and easy.In this paper, CEMs for measuring HCl was calibrated with HCl vapor generated from gas generator (HovaCALĀ®, Germany) in order to determine it is suitable for performing calibration and test for accuracy inspection. And the results were comparison of the other calibration method using certified reference material (CRM). , CRM was strictly defined material content and uncertainty.Tests were performed such as repeatability test and linearity. CRM per concentration was injected to CEMs analyzer to draw up a table for absorbance linearity. HCl vapor from gas generator were also applied to CEMs analyzer as same method. The tables about absorbance linearity were compared in terms of precision as R square. In addition, HCl vapor was applied to CEMs which had CRM linearity table to check precision and accuracy by using Korea performance standards and test procedures. The results shows similar absorbance between HCl CRM and HCl vapor. R square value of HCl CRM was determined 0.999 and HCl vapor was 0.997 (The range of CEMs was set 50 ppm.). And standard deviation less than 1 % was identified by repeatability test and linearity test value also obtained less than 2 %. The results were satisfied in CEM regulation of Korea. It means high precision of HCl calibration was assured by vapor generator. The response time was faster with HCl vapor than with CRM. In terms of operating CEMs, gas generator produced HCl vapor not only save cost and time but also expect advantages to calibration and maintenance of CEMS by setting target concentration for oneself.