CEM - Abstract

Abstract Title: CEMS digitalization for maximum regulatory compliance through 24/7 data access
Presenter Name: Mr Jyrki Korpela
Company/Organisation: Gasmet Technologies Oy
Country: Finland

Abstract Information :

Digitalization and connectivity is an increasing megatrend affecting all industries. Due to increasing customer requirements on system availability, connectivity and sustainability reporting, digital solutions are gaining popularity also in emission monitoring applications. CEM systems are most often placed in regulated applications where the system needs to be running 24/7 with little-to-no faults. In order to achieve this, it is essential to optimize the entire operation from predictive maintenance to handling unexpected alarms. Reducing and minimizing unforeseen downtime prevents costly operation shutdowns and forced alterations. Digital platforms offer a solution to automate many previously manual tasks to ensure high practical CEMS availability and automatic relevant status reporting. Location-independent centralized access to CEMS information 24/7 supports the operations, enabling the user and the supplier to work together efficiently to meet the required system performance. With advanced performance-failure curve examination, added value can be created by supporting reliability-centered maintenance to eliminate issues before they affect system performance. Centralized fleet management is enabled and relevant ESG reporting can be automated. This approach empowers companies to make data-driven decisions to improve compliance and to reduce emissions. Real-time monitoring also enables companies to identify potential process improvements and optimize their operations. This can result in significant cost savings, reduced downtime, and improved overall efficiency. In this speech, we will go through the opportunities provided by digital solutions to gain added value on CEM systems. Practical real-life examples and use cases are shared to show how the system availability and regulatory compliance can be improved by leveraging connectivity and data insights. It is explored how real-time visualized CEMS data can highlight potential compliance issues. It is also shown how remote fleet management offers possibilities to improve reported CEMS data quality, fulfilling and complementing the CEMS purpose of reporting accurate and timely emission data.