CEM - Abstract

Abstract Title: Automated compliance measurements with decreasing ELVs
Presenter Name: Mr Sami Ketonen
Company/Organisation: Gasmet Technologies Oy
Country: Finland

Abstract Information :

Emission stack testing is a key element in monitoring and reducing emissions from waste-to-energy facilities, power plants and other industrial sources. Testing laboratories play a crucial role in monitoring and reporting emissions which requires them to comply with strict regulatory requirements. In addition to tight regulatory requirements, increasing customer needs present challenges in stack testing. The customers are expecting an increasing measurement efficiency, high accuracy and shorter lead time to results. Present day measurements are often done with multiple measuring methods, making the process challenging and time consuming. In order to meet the new customer needs, automated measuring methods are becoming an increasingly popular option for manual standard reference methods. Suppliers of emission stack analyzers must keep up with evolving regulations, including emissions limits and testing procedures. As regulations become more stringent, the demand for high-precision and reliable analyzers increases, which puts pressure on suppliers to constantly improve their products and technologies. Tightening regulations also leads to additional measuring methods and challenging measurements, increasing workload and haste in the field of stack testing. Lower limits and additional gas compounds makes it harder to find suitable measuring method, adding more methods to process increasing workload further. From suppliers point of view this also means that usability and serviceability in analyzers are more important than ever putting even more pressure for portable gas analyzers development. Usability needs to be straightforward with little training needed as service needs to be easily accessible, fast and unfrequently needed. When adding low lifecycle costs and high accuracy and precision to these factors, it creates a lot of pressure for suppliers to keep up with the regulations. In this speech, we will discuss the latest developments of the portable automated measuring system (P-AMS) solutions for compliance measurements. Insights will be shared on the instrumentation challenges that need to be addressed with the tightening ELVs to continue increasing the reliability and efficiency of stack testing.