CEM 2021

CEM - Abstract

Abstract Title: Affordable established technology - CEMS
Abstract Type: Poster
Session Choice: Innovative Measurement Technology
Presenter Name: Mr PRITESH M SHAH
Company/Organisation: PRIMA EQUIPMENT
Country: India

Abstract Information :

PSGM -1-D-AGS is a very compact & fully integrated system having capacity to measure up to 6 gases in a single analyzer in Weatherproof marshalling box intended for mounting to a convenient nearby place of stack, open to sky or under shed.

As the multi sensor measurement technique has proven high performance, the results are the most accurate, fast responsive with non-corrosive type gas sensing technology.

Advance electronics and micro controller based Programmable Logic Controlled Auto Gas Conditioning & Sampling Device (AGCSD) make the system most popular.

Automatic calibration option & High temperature stack gas sampling probe is also offered for flue gas application.

Simple installation, No Pre-heating time, Low Maintenance made the system user friendly and most popular in its segment.

The system has been designed in-house considering Dust, Temperature and Humidity conditions of Developing Countries.