WWEM 2021 - WIPAC Flow and Pollution Forums Programme



WIPAC Flow Forum - Day 1 - 13th October 2021

Time Presentation Speaker Company
Session 1 - Flow to Full Treatment
09:30 The Challenge of Flow Measurement & Management Oliver Grievson WIPAC
10:00 Peter Baker Environment Agency
10:30 Flow Monitoring in AMP7 Cathy Boorer Thames Water
Coffee (11:00-11:15)
Session 2 - Managing data and its quality
11:15 George Heywood Ovarro
11:45 Sam Greene Southern Water
12:15 Michael Risse Seeq
Lunch (12:45-13:30)
Session 3 - Technology Talks
13:30 Low Power Sewer Network Monitoring Alastair Mackinon Pulsar
14:00 Microwave Level Stuart Tyers SmartTech
14:30 C21 Matt Westgate Vega

WIPAC Pollution Forum - Day 2 - 14th October 2021

Time Presentation Speaker Company
Session 1 - The need to measure
09:30 Dominic Sheppard Environment Agency
10:00 Lee Upton South West Water
10:30 Matthew Greetham OFWAT
Coffee (11:00-11:15)
Session 2 - How we measure
11:15 Monitoring the Wastewater Network Jacqueline Diaz-Nieto Yorkshire Water
11:45 Monitoring pollution events in real-time Rob Stevens RS Hydro
12:15 Visualising CSO Overflows Christine Colvin The Rivers Trust
Lunch (12:45-13:30)
Session 3 - How we manage
13:30 Using artificial intelligence to detect sewer blockages Brian Moloney StormHarvester
14:00 Rising Main burst detection in wastewater George Heywood Ovarro

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