WWEM 2018

WWEM 2018 - SWIG Conference

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Morning Session: Industrial discharge monitoring & Smart water: extracting value & insights from data - Day 2 (22nd November 2018)

There has been increasing awareness in recent years of the work by the Environment Agency to implement the 'polluter pays' principle, with news of successful prosecutions of large organisations. The 'polluter pays' principle is also at the heart of current governmental discussions on implementation of a Green Brexit. The aim of the morning session is to provide Industrial dischargers, Water companies, Contractors and Instrumentation providers an update on implementation of successful monitoring systems which ensure compliance and show how Industry themselves benefit from discharge monitoring.

Time Presentation Speaker(s) Bio
10:00 Introduction by the Chairman Justin Dunning, Chelsea Technologies Group
10:10 TBC Environment Agency/Natural Resources Wales  
10:40 Remote monitoring of final effluent using Multiparameter Sondes Matt Dibbs, Meteor Communications
Coffee Break & Networking (11:10 - 11:30)
11:30 An automatic monitoring solution to prove trade effluent discharge for a food processing company Martin Croft, Dynamic Flow Technologies  
12:00 3-D Printed and Screen-Printed Sensors for the Determination Pollutants in Water Kevin Honeychurch, University of the West of England
Afternoon Session: Industrial discharge monitoring & Smart water: extracting value & insights from data - Day 2 (22nd November 2018)

This session will explore the way that insights and value can be extracted from the huge amounts of data that is either already available or that will be generated by future deployments. The focus will be on the way issues such as data availability, data validity are addressed to allow powerful analytics and human examination to focus in on outliers and events. One key aim of any potential user of smart water systems is to move from a largely reactive world to a predictive world. This session will give insights into how that is possible.

Time Presentation Speaker(s) Bio
13:30 Introduction by the Chairman Mike Strahand, ATi
13:40 Develop an organisational capability to run analytics enabling business functions to derive meaningful information from their data Anupam Gehani, Accenture
Tim Fynn, United Utilities

14:10 Wastewater reuse and service management using Internet of Things Laurie Reynolds, Aquamatix and Aquality
Coffee Break & Networking (14:30 - 14:45)
14:45 Using machine learning on a cloud platform to extract value from water quality data Steve Hanslow, Siemens
15:15 Case study of large scale water quality monitor deployment in distribution network Mike Strahand, ATi
Jez Downs, Southern Water
Luke Valvona, Intellitect

15:45 Close