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WWEM 2018 - SCA Conference Programme

The SCA story: Past, present and potential future

K. Clive Thompson, Chief Scientist, ALS UK Food and Pharmaceutical

The formation of the Standing Committee of Analysts took place back in 1972 and was initially based at the famous Marsham Towers at 2, Marsham Street (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2_Marsham_Street) with the renowned Laurie Pitwell as Secretary. Laurie put his whole life into the production of the famous series of SCA Blue Books until his retirement in about 1990. His successor was Dr David Westwood and recently on David's retirement, Rob Carter took over in 2016, (both from the Environment Agency.)

The Standing Committee of Analysts (SCA) exists to provide authoritative guidance on methods of sampling and analysis of waters and effluents, sewage sludge's, sediments, soils (including contaminated land) and biota. Where appropriate, guidance on the sampling and analysis of air will also be produced. The primary duty of SCA is to develop and publish recommended analytical methods. This will not include the provision of advice on, or interpretation of results. All methods published by the SCA should be capable of satisfying a regulatory demand, be fit for purpose and represent best practice within the United Kingdom.

The first Blue Book was "Cadmium in potable waters by atomic absorption spectrophotometry 1976 ISBN 0117511366" this was when all the books were published by the HMSO in A4 size booklet form with the very distinctive blue covers. This cadmium method comprised 49 pages and cost £0.90p! The subsequent lead method cost was only £0.65p. A huge amount of technical progress has been made in the last 49 years! Now all SCA methods are free and available on line.

The past SCA history will be summarised and the current position will then be outlined. Finally, the potential future direction will be discussed. The presentation will make a comparison of the SCA and ISO/CEN standardisation method approaches. After Brexit, the importance of the SCA is likely to increase and it should be able to develop new and revise existing national UK methods in a timely manner to meet industry and UK regulator needs. Much quicker than for ISO and CEN methods!

Finally a plea will be made for more industrial support for this worthy UK organisation in respect of both technical expert staff time and financial support for these staff to attend SCA meetings. This networking will greatly enhance the CPD of these technical staff.

SCA Conference (21st November 2018)
Time Presentation Speaker Bio Affiliation & Company
10:00 The SCA story: - Past, present and potential future Prof K Clive Thompson Chief Scientist, ALS Food and Pharma
10:30 Defining the SCA's priorities Marcus Rink Chair SCA & Chief Inspector, Drinking Water Inspectorate
Coffee Break & Networking (11:00 - 11:30)
11:30 The UKAS perspective including special reference to the SCA Inorganics and Metals working group Paul Greenwood Divisional Director (Operations), United Kingdom Accreditation Service
12:00 The evolution of drinking water microbiology - a look through time and the technicalisation of microbiology; innovation and advancement Shaun Jones Chair, SCA Microbiology Working Group and Public Health Manager at Wessex Water
12:30 Sampling and infrormation needs in the modern environment Steve Markham Managing Director, Marquis & Lord
Lunch and Exhibition (12:50 - 14:00)
14:00 Chemical analysis of soils and associated materials Hazel Davidson Technical Marketing Manager, Derwentside Environmental Testing Services
14:20 Organics, Stability and Uncertainty - A tale of three working groups Rick Kirkpatrick Accreditation Scientist, Northumbrian Water
Coffee Break & Networking (14:50 - 15:20)
15:20 The role of on-line water quality monitoring in the production of top quality tap water Chris Rockey Sampling and Water Quality Manager, South West Water
15:50 Try and make this contentious and interesting!!! Discussion session with all speakers
16:20 Closing remarks Prof K Clive Thompson Chief Scientist, ALS Food and Pharma