WWEM 2022

WWEM 2016 - SWAN Workshop: Insights into Data Integration and Resiliency Planning

The Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN) is the leading hub for the smart water sector. SWAN brings together key players in the water sector to collaborate and accelerate the use of data-driven technologies in water and wastewater networks worldwide.

By attending the SWAN Workshop on Nov. 3rd, participants will be able to:

  • Learn about the latest integrated, end-to-end smart water solutions
  • Hear real-life, water company case studies
  • Gain insights into water service resiliency planning
  • Engage industry leaders about the future of water and IT

Workshop 2 is being led by the Smart Water Networks Forum (SWAN) the leading global organisation in the Smart Water field. The Workshop will concentrate on looking at the latest end ro end integrated solutions for the water industry including the use of Smart Water Systems to limit the losses from the potable water network from non-revenue water.

It will feature practical case-studies from water companies and their experiences in instigating Smart Water Solutions within the operational environment and seeing the benefits that they have reaped from operating more efficiently and minimising the potential losses from their distribution systems

There will also be a discussion on the latest topic in the Potable Water Industry with resilience planning within the Water Industry which has been identified as one of the key risks that the industry faces. The UK government recently published a report stating that

"Climate change and population growth are putting increasing pressure on the water sector in England. The sector needs to adapt to ensure that it can continue to meet the needs of people, businesses and the environment to secure the long-term resilience of the sector, helping to deliver a cleaner, healthier environment, benefiting people and the economy."

Lastly the workshop will enable those present to engage leading industry experts in the Smart Water Industry and the future of Water & IT.

This workshop is being chaired by Jim Southworth who is internationally experienced in both executive and operational management of water utilities and has 40 years’ experience in the sector. From 1976 to 1992 Jim was based in the UK working for North West Water, one of the largest UK water utilities and specialised in major project delivery and operational management.

North West Water became United Utilities and since 1992 Jim was based overseas with responsibility for major water utility projects. Positions included: President of United Utilities Canada, Head of Technical Services US Water (New Jersey), CEO of Sofiyska Voda Sofia, Bulgaria, Chairman of the Supervisory Board Tallinna Vesi, Estonia and Managing Director of Emaar Utilities, Dubai.

Jim was International Business Development Director for United Utilities based in Abu Dhabi until 2010 when he set up an independent consultancy. Jim now assists major corporations and other clients with international bid submissions, operational technical support, utility due diligence and transaction advisory services with clients in Sub Saharan Africa, Europe, Japan, Middle East and North America.