WWEM 2022

WWEM 2016 - IWA Papers

Paper Title: Securing Drinking Water Network against accidental or voluntary contamination
Paper Topic: Decision Support Systems
Presenter Name: Cyrille Lemoine
Company/Organisation: Veolia

Paper Information :

Within the framework of the fight against terrorism, it becomes more and more important for public institution and drinking water operators to address water quality security, especially during major event such Olympic game or forum such COP 21 with a strong media covering. Indeed, drinking water network infrastructure could be an efficient vector of contamination with various threat agents. Endetec, subsidiary of Veolia provide early warning solution to protect drinking water network. This article discusses the return of experience of previous operations done for Francophonie games and COP 21 Paris, it describes the solution provided and the integration to the police forces apparatus. Moreover, results from a UK deployment for safety application are shown.