WWEM 2022

WWEM 2016 - IWA Papers

Paper Title: Frugal Engineering, or optimisation not instrumentation
Paper Topic: Modelling & Control (Wastewater Systems)
Presenter Name: Mr Simon Mazier
Company/Organisation: Perceptive Engineering

Paper Information :

Bullet point themes: - The water industry has invested (or is investing) in tools to measure and record what's happening in their processes, but that information is not always being exploited as fully or as intelligently as it could or should be. - An alternative approach to " measure everything and adjust accordingly" is to measure frugally, minimise cost, maximise knowledge. - Perceptive Engineering has taken the lessons learned in other sectors such as pharmaceuticals and high value manufacturing, and successfully applied them to optimising wastewater treatment. - A case study will be presented from Thames Water, demonstrating how a complex control problem can be solved using best available technology, to reduce operating costs, reduce operator intervention and maintain or exceed environmental compliance, without the need for extensive instrumentation or multiple redundancy. - The technology is mature and well proven in multiple sectors and is now gaining a foothold in water and wastewater.