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Hach® is an expert in water analysis solutions for 80 years. It supplies practical solutions and the latest technology for wastewater, surface water, groundwater, drinking water and process water analysis. It provides sales, technical support and innovative made-to-measure analysis all from a single source.
Hach incorporates many market-leading and innovative brands in its group, like Hach, AppliTek, Anatel, Orbisphere, Met One, Polymetron and BioTector.
Customers can benefit from the greatest choice of market-leading instruments. Hachs specialists listen to your needs and look for the best sustainable solution; helping customers to continuously meet consent limits, whilst controlling and optimising processes.



Products on Display at WWEM

Claros Water Intelligence System: provides the powerful operational insights you need to dig through data silos, and includes enhanced features to integrate your Instrument Management and Data Management. Claros bring data to the palm of your hands anywhere anytime. Live demos will be shown through the day.
EZ series online analysers for industrial and environmental water analysis: The EZ series covers a unique range of parameters on a single analyser platform. Five measurement technologies (colorimetry, titration, ion-selective electrode, voltammetry, and chemiluminescence) allow for a wide selection of measuring ranges and applications.

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