WWEM 2021

WWEM 2020 - Exhibitor - Flexim Instruments UK

Company: Flexim Instruments UK
Stand No: Q10
Address: Theatre Court, London Road
Country: United Kingdom
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Company Profile
FLEXIM Sets Standards
FLEXIM has been measuring flow non-invasively for 30 years; clean water, wastewater or sludge. Non-invasive and non-disruptive; FLEXIM meters are fitted without customer supply interruption, expensive pipe modification, costly bypasses & valves, civil construction work, or flushing. Ultrasonic transducers are robustly attached outside the pipe without any leakage risk. • Non-invasive flow metering for any liquid and any pipe size • Wear-free by design & built for durable installation in the most demanding environments • All pipe materials: CS, SS, Ductile Iron, Grey Cast Iron, Cement Asbestos, Lined Pipes, Plastic Pipes, PCCP (Pre-stressed Concrete Cylindrical Pipe), etc
Products on Display at WWEM
Fixed installation clamp-on flowmetering
Portable clamp-on flowmetering
Mcerts flow metering
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  • Wastewater monitors
  • Flow measurement
  • Hazardous areas
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  • Leak Detection