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BEKA associates is an independent company with over 30 years dedication to the design of display instrumentation manufactured in the UK.
BEKA products are of robust high quality for general purpose and hazardous areas and are frequently adopted in the latest equipment and processing plants. Continuous innovation and the development of new products ensure the widest selection available that the best technology can offer.
The BEKA range comprises of Modbus displays, 4-20mA loop powered indicators, totalisers, counters, timers/clocks, batch controllers, fieldbus indicators, sounders, beacons and panel lamps, all with a 3-year warranty and typically available in 3-5 days. All industries served.


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Products on Display at WWEM

Loop Powered Indicators
Process Panel Meters
Set Point Stations [Generators]
Rate Totalisers
Timers or Clocks
Modbus, Serial Data & Message Displays
Fieldbus Indicators & Displays
Flow Batch Controllers
Indicating Temperature Transmitters
Sounders & Beacons
LED Panel Lamps

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