WWEM 2020

WWEM 2018 - Cogent Skills Workshop

Cogent Skills Workshop - Both Days

Managing your competent workforce - the Proof and the Truth (Time : 11AM - 12PM)

Take time to reflect on how well your organisation is managing the competence of your workforce. Are you looking to improve your current Competence Management System and practices? Whether you are aiming for performance improvements or concerned with demonstrating regulatory compliance, Cogent Skills supports businesses to review, develop and implement robust and sustainable competence management solutions.

Process Safety or Managing Major Accident Hazards – What's the difference? (Time : 2PM - 3PM)

You may be inclined to think that this doesn't apply to you. What does good practice in process safety or major accident hazard management look like? (Not the technical stuff!) How can you make a positive change in the way all your employees proactively contribute to protecting themselves, your assets, your local communities, the environment and your businesses reputation? Find out how Cogent Skills is supporting local businesses and global corporations to create a positive safety culture – Process Safety or Managing Major Accident Hazards – what’s the difference?