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Abstract Title: Sewage contamination monitoring
Presenter Name: Mr Justin Dunning
Company/Organisation: Chelsea Technologies
Country: United Kingdom

Abstract Information :

A focus on the benefits of Tryptophan fluorescence in monitoring the health and cleanliness of waters in both potable water supplies and recreational waters.

Chelsea UviLux Tryptophan fluorometers have been applied to assess pollution levels in ground waters in developing countries for many years. Multiple peer-reviewed papers have been published covering the benefits that tryptophan fluorescence data provides, which include correlations to e-coli and total coliforms. These papers demonstrate that the requirements for this sector can be addressed by simple inexpensive tryptophan-based fluorometer systems.

Currently, there are also significant concerns regarding sewage pollution in rivers due to CSO discharges and from agricultural sources. Recent work will be presented that demonstrates how Tryptophan fluorescence can be used to generate alarms when significant thresholds have been exceeded. This work has highlighted the added advantages of augmenting Tryptophan fluorescence data with Fluorescent Dissolved Organic Matter (fDOM) data, and how Chelsea's unique approach both addresses environmental interferences and significantly minimises false positives.

Recent data from the WATR / Devon Biosphere catchment monitoring network will be presented and it will be demonstrated that when bathing waters are of key concern, the Chelsea combined Tryptophan/fDOM system can be used solely as a sentry system for alarming when levels of bacteria in water start to rise to levels of concern.

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