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Abstract Title: Improving the regulation of flow management at wastewater treatment works
Presenter Name: Peter Baker
Company/Organisation: Environment Agency
Country: United Kingdom

Abstract Information :

This presentation sets out why we need to improve the regulation of flow at WwTW and then how over the coming years we will do so.

The regulation of Dry Weather Flow (DWF) is currently subjective but we`re moving to a clearer method of assessing compliance which will ensure that operators are able to plan more effectively how they will be able to remain compliant with their DWF limits.

The regulation of Flow to full treatment (FFT) at WwTW can be complex, often reliant on using data from monitors not installed for that purpose. Water companies are installing overflow operation and FFT monitors throughout AMP7 and early in AMP8 and the data from these monitors will be used to allow annual routine FFT compliance checking.

Installing monitoring specific to FFT and making the checking of DWF and FFT compliance more of a routine assessment will ultimately make flow compliance comparable to discharge quality compliance and lead to better regulation of the loads of substances discharged from WwTWs and how their storm overflows operate.

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