WWEM 2020

WWEM 2018 - Abstract

Abstract Title: 3D Animation for Applications to Science and the Environment
Presenter Name: Dr Peter Baugh
Co-authors:Mr Jonathan Baugh
Company/Organisation: EFASIG (The BMSS)
Country: United Kingdom

Abstract Information :

3D animation has a wide application in many and diverse fields, particularly so, when applied to science, the environment and engineering. 3D animation skills involve and feature: modelling, animation, rendering, dynamics and texturing.

Science Photo Library (SPL) Commission Work
SPL commission work is aimed at producing scientifically accurate animations for both their commercial and education libraries. These projects usually involve numerous complex dynamics simulations in which the 3D elements have to mimic the forces and reactions found physically within science and nature. Projects have included anaerobic fermentation, protein structure fabrication, thin layer chromatography and collision theory.

Other work
3D Animation is unique in visualising & illustrating the various elements, processes and techniques found within the scientific fields & industries.

  • It can help explain complicated scientific concepts and analytical procedures to clients and potential business partners.
  • At a molecular or macroscopic level it can illustrate the fragile structures found within both chemical and biological environments.
  • Materials, colours and textures can be added to create both realistic and abstract elements, this coupled with an extreme depth of field and considered lighting produces aesthetically interesting images.
  • Using features such as physically based rendering and global illumination photo-realistic 3D environments can be created and explored.
Aspects of this work also involves conversion of client CAD packages into animation software files.
Poster Features
To illustrate, here, the versatility of 3D animation, a selected range of projects is described in this poster as follows:
  1. Chemical processes:- electrolysis
  2. Biological materials and fluids:- micelle structure profiling, blood cell illustrations
  3. Gas Chromatographic instrumentation operation.
  4. Protein 3D structure fabrication
  5. Mesocosm animation, recently produced as 3D content for FERA Science Limited. This project consisted of visualising the new E-Flows Mesocosm testing facility at their National Agri-Food Innovation Campus in Sand Hutton, York.