Eric Little

Osthus United States


Eric Little is Chief Data Officer with Osthus, working on data science and scalable integration standards for pharmaceuticals, biotech, Life Sciences and related industries. He received his Ph.D. in Philosophy and Cognitive Science in 2002 from the University at Buffalo, State University of New York. He has worked in both academia as a professor in several fields, as well as held multiple management positions in the software development industry. Dr. Little is a recognized expert in semantic technology, Big Data, analytics applications and formal ontology. Dr. Little has designed and helped to implement semantic technologies and analytics for use in various applied domains including: biomedicine, medical device manufacturing, medical fraud, waste and abuse detection, pharmaceuticals, medical management, threat prediction/mitigation, disaster management, national defense/intelligence, steel production and petrochemicals.

Short description about presentation:

This talk will provide a view into the changing environment for data integration and analytics and how the petrochemical industries could benefit from adopting these practices around its data. We will discuss big data and how there is a new movement to Big Analysis - where the focus is on utilizing data to answer complex questions. We will also discuss data science in terms of the role semantic technologies play along with statistics for understanding data. This provides a means for capturing context and meaning to data in diverse environments and changing market needs. Last we will examine how Big Analysis applies to enterprise environments, particularly in coordination with machine learning and other forms of statistics-based algorithm development. We will show some of the pathways other sectors are taking to rapidly innovate, quickly bring data together, and find complex answers within that data - while cutting significant time and effort to do so.