Frederick Stubbins



Dr Frederick Stubbins works as the Interpret Business Director within Intertek plc. And is based in London, UK. The group manages and supports projects across the hydrocarbon supply chain from offshore oil and gas through to refineries and refined products.
Frederick is a graduate of the Universities of Leeds and Newcastle and holds both a master’s degree and Ph.D in chemical engineering. He is also an inventor on crude blend compatibility monitoring patents, a recognised speaker at international crude oil conferences and has authored several articles on crude quality monitoring, compatibility and big data analytics.
He has a keen interest in crude oil quality and its impact throughout the hydrocarbon supply chain and in 2018 organised and chaired the first European Crude Quality Forum (in conjunction with the Crude Oil Quality Association) in Aberdeen.

Short description about presentation:

Intertek possesses a suite of innovations used for a variety of activities throughout the hydrocarbon supply chain. These have been successfully applied online, at-line and in the laboratory for many applications.

This talk will focus on several areas of Intertek innovation, the first part of the talk will focus on the Interpret technology, which is a chemometric modelling software based on near infrared (NIR) spectra and currently used in applications. These cover the full hydrocarbon supply chain from pipeline modelling, through refineries (feedstock quality monitoring and blend optimisation) to fuels blending (gasoline, jet, diesel etc.).

Interpret uses Near Infrared (NIR) spectra to predict crude oil composition and is a very quick method, typically a prediction takes a few minutes and generates full crude assays with many properties including (but not limited to): API gravity, Sulphur, Total Acid Number (TAN), Pour Point, True Boiling Point (TBP) and TBP fraction properties such as specific gravity and molecular weight. This information can then be used for feedstock valuation and realtime economic optimisation.

Second part of this talk is about Process Analytical Technology (PAT). Intertek is an independent system integrator for on line analyzer systems, which are used world-wide for Process Optimization, Asset Control, Automated Process Control (APC), Plant Safety and Environmental Measurements. By using our comprehensive in-house expertise in analyzer systems, our customers are able to monitor their plant operations in the most optimal way.

Since our establishment over 40 analyzer houses and more than 400 analyzer systems were delivered. We supply our products to most industries including power generation, hydrocarbon processing, industrial chemicals, polymer production, waste water treatment as well as emission monitoring. Our products provide our customers with efficient ways to improve performance and expand capabilities.

The services portfolio of Intertek consists of:

All systems are tailor-made to specific customer requirements from components carefully selected to ensure high quality performance. This (added) value based engineering regards the following criteria: Examples of PAT installations are: