Hilmar Krüger

Tec 5 AG


Hilmar Krueger holds the position of a Sales and Business Development Manager at tec5 AG. After his degree in Biology from the University of Heidelberg he started his professional career initially in the field of laser scanning microscopy. For nearly two decades he is now deeply involved in process analytical technologies covering optical methods from UV to NIR or Raman spectroscopy for industrial applications.

Short description about presentation:

Smart Sensors as novel types of easy-to-use tools for PAT do significantly facilitate access to many spectroscopic applications in petrochemical, chemical and refining industries. The user benefits from autonomous and highly available devices, which operate PC-free and in real-time. The integration to a PLC is straight-forward by using standardized and established interfaces. Consequently, Smart Sensors have a significant impact on ensuring efficient, safe production processes, and consistent product quality, which has been the major driving force towards the increasing demand and the application of such devices.

The technological implementation of smart sensors is discussed, and their handling is demonstrated based on tangible application examples from the refinery sector.