Anupam Giri



Anupam has earned his PhD in 2010 from Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, Japan working on “Characterization of flavour and bio-active components by diverse analytical tools”. His thesis resulted in 10 peer-reviewed publications and a best overseas thesis award from Indian professional society. Since then he had completed several post-docs in Japan (The University of Tokyo; Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology), China (South China University of Technology), France (Institute of National Research Agricole), Belgium (European Commission; University of Liege in collaboration with Total, France) for about 10 years. Since 2017, he is working at SABIC, Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands as the Lead Scientist within the Analytical Technology team and focused on CHROM-MS. His academic background and further specialization focused on analytical chemistry, development and validation of analytical methods by various chromatographic techniques coupled with mass spectrometry including high resolution mass spectrometry. His hands on experience in chromatography includes, but is not limited to: GC×GC-HRTOF-MS coupled to different ion-sources and selective detectors, GC-QTOF and GC-MS/MS, GC-MS-O, multi booth GC-MS-8O, SPME, purge & trap GC-MS, heart-cut GC-MS, LC-MS/MS, Orbitrap, QTrap, ESR etc. He also authored/co-authored over 30 articles in peer-reviewed journals as well as book chapters.

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