Coen Duvekot

Agilent Technologies


After my study at the University of Applied Sciences in Vlissingen, the Netherlands, I started my career at Chrompack in Middelburg. Here I worked for 17 years in the R&D department and developed numerous new GC stationary phases and applications. When Chrompack was taken over by Varian I joined the GC Instrument Marketing department as Application Specialist and after a couple of years I became GC Product Manager. When Agilent took over Varian I resumed that role but now with focus on Micro GC. Besides this I am also responsible for maintaining good relations with our channel partners and OEM accounts.

Short description about presentation:

The paper will discuss recent Micro GC developments for out-of-lab and process applications. A new Prostation user interface, embedded onto the Micro GC will be discussed. Prostation will be accessible with a laptop or tablet, is easy to use and allows for quick and powerful method development. It also allows the setup for full calibration, integration, reporting, setting alarms and exporting results and data. With this full set of GC method parameters the Micro GC becomes a Process GC or allows to take the unit to the sample in mobile applications. After full setup the Micro GC can be operated using a phone or tablet, effectively taking full advantage of the speed of analysis of the Micro GC in combination with true portability for out-of-lab systems or 247 operation in Process