Benedikt Weggler



Benedikt Weggler completed his PhD at the University of Rostock (Rostock, Germany) and the German Research Center for Environmental Health (Munich, Germany) in 2016. His main focus was the application of cutting edge separation and detection technologies to establish cause/effect relationships of anthropogenic aerosols on human health. After his PhD. Benedikt joined the Dorman Laboratories located at PennState Universities (US) to support the team with his knowledge in data evaluation, chemometrics and GC×GC-HRToF/MS for environmental forensic applications.
Following this position he then joined the Focant Laboratory at the University of Liege (Belgium) as part of the excellence of science project focused on data quality and applicability of GC×GC for everyday purposes.
Currently Benedikt is employed by cynora GmbH in Germany as scientific lead of the analytics hyphenation division.

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